Job Openings

KSC(Korea Startup Center) Stockholm is a platform dedicated to helping Korean startups go global. KSC Stockholm is to be open in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2020.  * KSC New Dehli (India) and KSC Seattle (USA) opened in 2019.

The Center aims to discover promising startups in Korea, organize a range of activities(AC/VC connections, demo days, and consulting, among others) in Sweden and help them scale up.

KSC Stockholm is hiring the head and operations manager of the center, who are expected to have a good understanding of the local startup ecosystem in Sweden, passion for building startup ecosystems in Korea and Northern Europe and helping startups grow.

I Positions(* See position-specific job descriptions)
Position Openings Key roles
KSC Center Head Job description 1
  • Managing KSC Stockholm operations, building networks with relevant local organizations, providing tailored services to startups, etc.
KSC Operations Manager Job description 1
  • KSC customer management, mentoring, office assistance, etc.
Total 2 -

* A candidate may apply for only one position. Any redundant applications will be invalidated.

II Application

(Application period) 25 March, 2020(Wednesday) at 10:00 – 9 April, 2020(Thursday) at 17:00.

(Submission) By email(

* The receipt of an email will be acknowledged by an auto reply. If you do not receive an auto reply, please contact us by telephone.

** Contact information: KOSME Global Business Department (055-751-9684, 9686, 9769, 9693)

(Required documents) Application form, cover letter (please include statements of duties performed, work experience, and career.)[Download application form]

* When filling in the “consent to the collection and use of candidates’ personal information” that constitutes part of the application form, you may insert your signature as an image file, or have that page printed, sign and scan the page for submission.

III Requirements
Category Required Preferred
KSC Center Head
  • 10+ years of work experience in AC/VC, M&A, and startup support
  • Business English proficiency
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree holder in relevant disciplines (business management, economics, etc.) (including international graduate schools)
  • Rich experience in relevant jobs
  • Connections to Swedish governments, municipalities, SMEs and venture support organizations, local startup organizations, etc.
  • Experience in agency management, organization operations (team leader or higher positions)
  • Good understanding of local market/ investment intelligence and startup support policy
KSC Operations Manager
  • 3+ years of work experience in startup support, marketing, management consulting (coaching), etc.
  • Communication skills in English and Korean
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree holder in relevant disciplines (business management, economics, etc.) (including international graduate schools)
  • Rich experience in relevant jobs
  • Good skills in Microsoft applications
  • No restrictions apply regarding academic backgrounds, major, or age.
  • Candidates should be readily available to start working in Sweden with the right of abode, citizenship, or work visa.
  • Completed or exempted from military service (nationals): Candidates anticipating discharge no later than May 10 2020 may apply.
  • Candidates should have not be disqualified under Article 33 (Disqualification) of the Government Officials Act and KOSME’s Personnel Policy.

    * Additional points applicable to those eligible for employment support under Article 35 of the Act on Support for Persons Eligible for Veterans’ Compensation, etc. (5% or 10% of full marks depending on recruitment types)

* Job openings for the KSC Center Head and Operations Manager are open to foreign nationals.

IV Working Terms
Category KSC Center Head KSC Operations Manager
Location KSC Stockholm (Sweden Epicenter)
Employment Fixed term contract
Term 2 years from the date of appointment (supposedly in mid-May 2020)
Annual salary* Approx. KRW 140 million (before tax) Approx. KRW 60 million (before tax)

* The amount includes welfare benefits and allowances but does not include performance-based bonus.

** Salaries are subject to final negotiations in consideration of successful candidates’ work experience, etc.

V Process and Timeline
Step Time Details
Job posting Mar 18(Wed)
  • Posted for at least 15 days

* KOSME website, online classifications, etc.

Application period Mar 25(Wed)
Apr 9(Thu)
Document screening Apr 10(Fri) -
Apr 16(Thu)
* Results announced: Apr 17(Fri)
  • No. of candidates selected: six-fold of positions available
  • Evaluation: Internal/external (3 people/group) cross-evaluation (blind)
  • Quantitative Qualitative Additional points
    Total Cover
    20 10 30 20 20 30 70 10
Apr 29(Wed)
* Results announced: May 8(Fri)
  • Criteria: Field-oriented, Integrity, Real outcome, Specialty, and Teamwork (50 min/person)
  • Questions and answers to be given in English (one interpreter attended); video conference may be used depending on situations
    * Location: TBA in Seoul/Stockholm (to be announced individually)
Final selection May 8(Fri)
  • Successful candidates announced

* Any objections to the results should be received in three days from the date announced by email(

Preliminary call May 11(Mon)
  • Guide to employment and training process

* Physical exams to be taken individually; positive vetting to be done.

Employment May 13(Wed)
  • Work guide; start of work

* The process and time subject to change depending on the agency’s circumstances, etc.

VI Submission of Documentary Evidence(candidates who are offered an interview should submit original documents on their respective interview date.)
Category Document
Qualification Workability
  • Documentary proof that the candidate is readily available to start working in Sweden upon employment with Swedish citizenship, residence permit, Sambo visa, work visa, etc.
Work experience
  • Career certificate*, health insurance entitlement certificate (domestic)
    * Candidates are free to present work experience above the minimum required qualification for the position (preferential considerations in document screening).
Basic information Korean nationals
  • Resident registration abstract (include resident registration number without masking, military service record, and any obliterated information such as changes in address)
    * If in military service (to be discharged on May 10 2020), submit a certificate of anticipated discharge.
Foreign nationals
  • Documentary proof that the candidate is a citizen of his/her country (resident registration card, etc.)
Academic background
  • Certificate of (anticipated) graduation from/enrollment in university/graduate school
  • Certificates, research/paper/publications, and other documents mentioned in the cover letter.

* Documents issued overseas must be notarized and accompanied by notarized Korean translations (Apostille).

** Documents issued within three months from the submission closing date (interview) will be accepted.

VII Cautionary Notes

◦ Please use care not to include misstatements related to work experience, etc., in your application. If you may be eligible for additional points, make sure that you can have relevant documentary evidence issued. Candidates are solely responsible for any and all disadvantages due to errors in applications and failure to submit documentary evidence.

◦ We opt for blind recruitment. Please note that disadvantages will apply if you include or imply, directly or indirectly, your personal details in your cover letter, for example your name, schools attended, family, acquaintances (work experience at KOSME), etc.

◦ The selection or employment of a successful candidate will be revoked if he/she is found to have made false statements in the application or submitted false documentary evidence.

◦ If found dishonest*, the selection/employment of a candidate will be revoked, and the candidate may be subject to subsequent disadvantages including judicial actions. He/she will also be banned from being hired by KOSME for five years.

* Dishonest candidate :A person found to have exercised undue solicitation/pressure in relation to employment of him/herself or a person in close relationship with him/her, A person selected and hired by an illicit act, for example offering monetary profits.

◦ Even after employment, selection/employment may be revoked if the successful candidate is deemed disqualified under KOSME’s policy (based on findings from physical exams, positive vetting, etc.).

◦ Under Article 11 of the Act on Fair Recruitment Process, documents submitted will be returned, on request only, within the return due period (August 31 2020).

◦ No successful candidates may be selected when no candidates are deemed qualified, even if the number of candidates is the same or smaller than the positions available.

◦ Selection process and timeline are subject to change depending on KOSME’s circumstances.